Less Anxiety, More Confidence in Crowds

“Before I first started working with Niki, I had a lot of anxiety, especially when I was around a lot of people. In addition to being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I also experienced painful emotions when someone close to me was experiencing something difficult. It was as if I would feel the stress of whatever situation they were going through. When I was referred to Niki, I was skeptical because I had no prior experience or knowledge of energy balancing. During my session, I felt as though I was taking a bath and being cleansed. Afterward, I felt absolutely amazing, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not only did I walk away from the session feeling “squeaky clean,” but I am now more confident in crowded places and am able to manage the stress that others close to me are experiencing. I was even able to enjoy dancing in a crowded nightclub for the first time in my life!”

Susan B., San Gabriel, CA

Calmer Children, Better Sleep

“My son, Larry, first started working with Niki two years ago. He is very sensitive to people’s energies, which can sometimes make him uncomfortable when he is around strangers and provoke him to act out. He can also be extremely shy and exhibits certain developmental delays. Niki was able to help my husband and I understand our son and view aspects of his character in a different light. She is able to calm Larry’s nervous system and he is able to maintain this calmness for a couple of weeks at a time. Niki is so in tune that she even picked up on incidences that happened to Larry at school that were not previously discussed, and she was able to address and balance him accordingly. My youngest son, Keith, 3, also recently started seeing Niki because he was having issues sleeping. We have seen a definite improvement with his sleeping habits. We are so grateful to have Niki in our lives!”

Lisa W., Pasadena, CA

From Chaos to Joyful Holidays

“Last Thanksgiving my son, Spencer, was completely unable to participate in the Thanksgiving dinner – he was loud, fast, and very bothered by the food and eventually hid in a different room with the door closed. Christmas could not have been more opposite after Spencer had been to see Niki. On the Saturday before Christmas, we had a big dinner with extended family. Spencer happily sat at a big long table with a bunch of loud, happy people and ate ham, salad, bread, and applesauce! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner were equally joyful experiences. He continues to improve his sensory eating issues and I can’t tell you how pleased I am. Your work with him has improved his life and our family life as well!”

Laura B., Altadena, CA

Improvement at School

Since my son, Jackson, has been seeing Niki, his teachers have both told me that they have seen a change in him after his return from spring break.
 His math teacher said that she saw a “marked change in his confidence" and mentioned that he is even calling out the answer in class! His literacy teacher said that she also has seen a remarkable improvement. I asked her, "So he’s a little better then?" to which she answered, "Oh, I would say there is a big difference. He is in a very different place, especially when you compare where he started at the beginning of the year to where he is now."
 So, woo-hoo! I am so thrilled with the undeniable improvement difference that working with Niki has made for my boy, and I cannot thank Niki 
enough. Thank you, Niki, for doing your amazing work and for helping guide us through the process.

J. Coker, Altadena, CA

Helping Teens

I was first introduced to Niki when Dr. Kenny recommended her for my youngest daughter. I had experience with energy balancing, so I was very open to working with Niki and have been exposed to my fair share of energy work. After my daughter's session with Niki, I was so struck by her intuition. I was so impressed with the results my daughter experienced as a result of working with Niki that I brought my two sons, my husband, and myself in to see her.
 My boys were trained in Reiki Level One by Niki and afterwards, they could not stop talking about how empowered they felt. After his training, my 16-year-old son was totally into practicing energy work (impressive for being a teenager). Something wonderful opened up within him.

 Since working with Niki myself, I now feel clearer. I can't wait to take advantage of her Innerlight Method training. At one point, I would have a cocktail daily at the end of each day simply to unwind and relax. After working with Niki, I no longer have that craving for a cocktail. She helped me to find ways to unwind on my own by balancing my solar plexus. I am always extremely relaxed when working with her. Niki's energy is very in tuned and I always feel balanced after a session with her. Niki definitely knows what she is doing, and I always feel safe and assured in her hands.

Kathy K., Costa Mesa, CA

Healing the Whole Family

Before I first had the opportunity to work with Niki, I will admit that I was fairly skeptical of energy balancing and its effectiveness. After being referred by a trusted physician, I decided to give it a shot. My three-year-old daughter, Fiona suffered from complications with her adrenal glands, which resulted in her constantly having either severely high or severely low blood sugar. Fiona, like myself, also expressed a fear of the dark. After only three sessions with Niki, Fiona’s spirit was literally “sparkling.” 
I have always experienced extremely high levels of anxiety. My main goal was to reduce my overall anxiety as well as eliminate my fear of the dark. During my session, I was delightfully pleased with how clearly Niki expressed herself. Not only did she communicate extremely well, but she made energy balancing, in general, seem less intimidating and foreign. She has a great way with people and made the healing process so bearable, especially for someone like me who was initially a skeptic.
 Simply, she is fantastic!
 My husband, James’s brain never turned off and, as a result, he had trouble sleeping. After having only one session with Niki, he was able to sleep for the first time in literally 10 years!! My daughter and I are both less scared of the dark and I am less sensitive in situations where I previously would have experienced unbearable anxiety. Thank you, Niki, for all that you do. You have deeply impacted my family and myself and we are forever grateful!

Katherine L., Pasadena, CA

Less Back Pain, More Love & Peace

Niki is a uniquely blessed and gifted healer. I came to her for my first energy session and experienced a profound physical, emotional and spiritual shift. I was experiencing extreme back pain due to a herniated low back disk. The pain subsided completely after the session for several days. The effects have been ongoing and expansive. 
During my session with Niki I felt calm, clear, and quiet while my spirit was infused with peace and harmony. I simultaneously experienced a deepening of love in my heart. I was truly blessed by the experience and left her office with the feeling that I had truly been healed in an Innerlight Sanctuary.

Jasper Rose, Burbank, CA

The End of Night Terrors

Just wanted to let you know that Amelie has had no night terrors this past week, not a peep. We don't know what to do with ourselves without the nightly blood curdling screams. We've gone from night terrors every single night for the past 3 1/2 years to silence and peace throughout the night. After the first week that we saw you, her night terrors were cut in half. After the second session, she had just three and then, after the third session, just two and then the following week, none! Just amazing. Thank you for your gift of healing.

Susan H., Los Angeles, CA

Help with Autism

Our son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 1/2. He was not very verbal and had many behavioral issues that worsened as he got older. At the age of 10 he became unmanageable, so much so that we became very worried. We spent a large amount of money talking to doctors and we did what we thought we would never do. We placed him on medication. He got even worse. We took him off the meds and continued searching for the kind of help that would work. 
Niki had just opened her practice, and we were her first client. Under her healing energy balancing, our son calmed down and blossomed. His weekly energy balancing sessions transformed him to such a level that it was miraculous. Today our son is happy. He still has his challenges with autism, but those are now within a manageable range. He is able to attend school without a personal aide next to him all day.
 During his sessions with Niki, my son is able to decompress and absorb the positive healing energy. If we miss a session, I can tell the difference. Not only does he miss seeing Niki, but he feels the lack of therapeutic benefit. This is HIS therapy, and we would never dream of missing one session. They are indispensable to our son’s well-being and success at school.

Toni, South Pasadena, CA

Calming Angry Outbursts

I was referred to Niki by Dr. Kenny for my daughter who is a very aware and bright 8-year-old. Dr. Kenny is an amazing health and healing facilitator for our family, so when she referred Niki, I knew that we needed to see her. We went because our daughter was having a lot of anger and during these daily outbursts (sometimes, multiple a day) she would end up hitting me and throwing things at me. There was not anything we could do to help calm her or stop her from the abusive behavior.
 When we first saw Niki, we said it was for me. (Our daughter would have refused to go if it was for her.) Little did I know, it was for me, too! Niki helped clear my energy and helped me with my boundaries.
 This was a month ago, and we have seen Niki twice. She is able to do some work through me for our daughter, but she has not been on the table yet. Hopefully she will soon, as Niki is excellent at building trust.
 Ever since the first session, ALL of the above behaviors have changed. No hitting, outbursts, etc. It’s like I have my daughter back, and we have a warm, loving relationship. The stress and tension are gone. It’s hard to explain what she does. For us, the results were immediate. I highly recommend Niki and many of our friends are going to her. She has helped our family in so many ways with her gifts.

Stephanie, Orange County, CA

A Calmer Child in Public Places

My two-year-old son was having a hard time going into stores, other people’s houses, and even church. He would scream and get frustrated very fast around groups of unfamiliar people. This was very stressful and embarrassing at times since people did not understand what we were dealing with.
 On my first visit to Niki, my son wasn’t so happy to be there, but surprisingly he let her work on him. Niki was very kind and professional. She explained the process of an energy balancing session and made sure we were all comfortable before she began. When we left, he took the longest nap. Afterward, he was very peaceful, and we were able to go into Target without him crying. After just three visits we have come a long way. He is now much calmer. I can go to medical appointments, and he is well behaved. He no longer has any problems at church or other public places.
 Many blessings to Niki and my highest recommendations. She has definitely changed what seemed to be a terrible situation into a blessing from God!

Glenda, Pasadena, CA

Helping Pre-Teen Anxiety and Depression

Niki is a deeply gifted healer. It is by witnessing the positive effects of Niki’s energy work on my daughter that I feel convinced she is has profound intuitive and compassionate abilities. Niki provides a safe, non-invasive and warm environment for kids. My daughter, who is not fond of doctors or therapists, felt relaxed and free of anxiety in her office. And the results of her time with Niki have been transformational. My pre-teen daughter carried with her years of pain and negative energy, which she coped with through cutting herself and regular bursts of anger and depression. Niki’s mind/body/soul work helped shift and release this energy. We haven’t even seen a remnant of this behavior since. My daughter is now happier, more positive and able to let herself be the beautiful child God created her to be. As a parent, I can’t imagine a greater gift.

Cheryl, Los Angeles, CA

Helping Pre-Teen Anxiety and Depression

I have found helpful support in the resources you recommended to me, most notably the Guide to Raising Intuitive Children. Thank you for your continued support and validation to those of us raising these special little ones. I feel a great calm and welcome at Innerlight Sanctuary and will surely be back…just a matter of time.

Leanne, Altadena, CA

Relief for Stomach Issues

Before coming to Innerlight Sanctuary, I experienced constant anxiety accompanied by stomach pains and discomfort. This interfered with my ability to engage in social activities with friends, feel comfortable, and succeed in high school. After my first energy session with Niki, I was able to implement the techniques she taught me to address my stomach problems. After two follow-up visits, I feel much calmer and more informed about my energy field. Finally, my stomach issues don’t govern my entire life. I have not missed one day of school due to a stomach pains or anxiety. Niki is a lifesaver!

Gina, Pasadena, CA

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