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A companion, home study e-course to the best-selling book I Feel Your Pain: A 7 Step Survival Guide for Empaths, Intuitives and Highly Sensitive People by Niki Elliott, PhD.
From Empathic Pain to Intuitive Power is a transformational, 4-week mini-course designed to help empathic and intuitive people to:
  • Face fears and myths about being an empath
  • Identify intuitive faculties
  • Learn to establish healthy energetic boundaries
  • Uncover the possibilities of utilizing intuition as a helpful ally
Price:  $49


Dr. Niki's Collection

I Feel Your Pain

 A 7-Step Survival Guide For Empaths, Intuitives
& Highly Sensitive People
By Niki Elliott, PhD

After years of exploring her own intuitive gifts and specializing in energy balancing for intuitive adults and children, author Niki Elliott, PhD shares the techniques that have helped her and her intuitive clients survive and thrive. If you think you may be an empath, intuitive or highly sensitive person, I Feel Your Pain is a message of hope and empowerment. Learn how to stop absorbing the pain of others, take control of your gifts, and successfully integrate them into your work and your life.