Our power as a mindful leader lies in your ability to help others attune or co-regulate to a state of inner balance and felt safety, while maintaining your own healthy boundaries as a helping professional.

Here's how we help child-serving professionals thrive and increase their positive impact with children!
Dr. Niki and her team of helping professionals development training programs to address the specific challenges and goals of each organization.

Online and In-person Trainings and Retreats for Individuals and Groups of Helping Professionals
(3 - 7 days)

Imagine spending a weekend or an entire week in a breathtaking natural setting with other child-serving professionals who are committed to turning within for a time of self-care, mindfulness practices, and social emotional learning. Our immersion retreat experiences create powerful mindset shifts that enable practitioners to meet the needs of children and families while avoiding the career burnout that is so prevalent among helping professionals. 

You'll learn the basics of mindfulness, acquire skills and tools to help you and the children you serve thrive, and most importantly experience the type of safe, playful, and connected learning environment you will be empowered to create when you return.

Parent Mindfulness Programs

The two most influential environments for children are their school and their home. MLP works to create lasting change for children by helping parents enhance their ability to self-regulate emotions and behavior, listen for and communicate needs calmly, and create a sense of felt safety and collaboration in their home.

Mindful Leaders Project’s Parent Mindfulness programs create collaborative and engaging spaces where parents are inspired and supported to bring the best of themselves home to their children every day.

Group Challenge: Vagus Nerve Reset

The Vagus Nerve Reset is a cutting-edge mindfulness practice that has been helping adults and children reduce their anxiety; improve sleep, digestion, and physical well-being; increase focus and concentration, enhance connection with loved ones and co-workers; and increase patience and capacity to provide calm support for others.

Because we know it’s more powerful (and fun!) to learn and build new habits with others, we have designed 21-DayChallenges for those who want to ask questions and interact with others in a virtual group setting. Led by one of our trained MLP Team Coaches, these challenges provide the feedback, support, and accountability that makes it easier to stay the course, build a new habit, and experience the results (and celebrate them too!).

Healing House

Join an in-person gathering of exceptional helping professionals (teachers, coaches, psychologists, caregivers, social workers, doctors, etc.), most of whom are also empaths -- people who tend to hold on and absorb the energy of the people they serve.

We meet up to connect and dance, to release all of the energy that’s not ours, and to rebalance our energy with the help of carefully-guided social engagement, powerful music, and a community Vagus Nerve Reset practice.

People report leaving Healing House feeling lighter, more connected to themselves and others, and with increased energy and enthusiasm for the week ahead.

Book DR. Niki to Ignite Change In Your Audience

Dr. Niki custom-designs keynotes, trainings, and workshops for educators and other helping professionals on the topics of: 

  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Self-Care for Empaths and Highly-Sensitive Professionals
  • Social-Emotional Wellness
  • Holistic Life Transformation

With every audience, she approaches these important but often polarizing conversations, and makes them both non-dogmatic and accessible to visionary leaders whose true desire is to live a fully integrated life and create visionary paradigm shifts within organizations.

Her style is inspiring and engaging, full of powerful personal stories that helping professionals immediately relate to, along with timely insights designed to spark change in the minds and hearts of diverse audiences. 

Dr. Niki’s down-to-earth energy and interactive approach work together to ensure that audiences walk away with practical takeaways and next-day action strategies to help them thrive from the inside-out.