Here are some ways to experience The Innerlight Method!


Training & Consulting for Pre-K through Higher Education Professionals and Systems

Our training programs are designed to help administrators, faculty members, teachers, and students thrive from the innerlight-out and ignite the changes they desire to make for themselves and in the world.

Training for Individual Helping Professionals

Individual helping professionals learn The Innerlight Method to improve their own well-being personally, professionally, and even organizationally, and some move on to become certified Innerlight Practitioners who offer energy balancing sessions to their clients.

Speaking & Presenting to Ignite Change in Your Audience

Dr. Niki Elliott custom-designs keynotes, trainings, and workshops for educators and other helping professionals on the following topics:

  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Self-Care for Empaths and Highly-Sensitive People
  • Social-Emotional Wellness
  • Holistic Life Transformation


Ask Dr. Niki

Bring all of your questions about energy balancing and intuition development. Dr. Niki will cover the basic topics regarding empathy, intuition, and the work we are doing at Innerlight Sanctuary!

This is a great opportunity for you to learn that you are not alone and that we have an amazing community of compassionate seekers who are on the same journey. Invite your friends! We look forward to seeing you there.


Individual Energy Balancing Sessions

Our certified Innerlight practitioners provide skilled, caring Innerlight Method sessions. All of our practitioners are meticulously trained in The Innerlight Method™, and serve children, adults, and organizations. They continue to maintain ongoing professional development in this work.    


Group Energy Balancing Sessions

Group energy balancing is a powerful way to leverage the collective energy of a group of people who share an intention to heal themselves in mind, body, and spirit. This experience could serve as a catalyst for your journey to energetic opening and expansion.

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