We believe that empowering helping professionals to thrive from the innerlight-out will ignite the changes they desire to make for themselves, their service population, and within their organizations.


4 Months That Change EVERYTHING

Empowering Helping Professionals to Thrive from The Innerlight-Out


Months 1 & 2 | The Individual

Helping professionals are equipped and empowered with the tools and skills they need to cultivate their own personal vitality in mind, body, and spirit.


Month 3 | The Serviced Population

After four weeks of reflection and practice, now-stabilized helping professionals
expand their focus to shift and/or enhance their interpersonal experience with their population.


Month 4 | The Organization

During the final month, helping professionals focus on
igniting a mindful evolution in their organization to increase its impact and results.



Fully Embodied Learning, Profound Results


The Innerlight Method™ offers the knowledge, tools, and skills participants need to contribute their highest and best to their service populations and organizations without burning out. Our curriculum facilitates a unique and embodied approach through:

  • 3 LIVE monthly trainings that empower participants with the knowledge, tools, and skills required to cultivate vitality in body, mind spirit

  • a regularly-updated library of cutting-edge research (articles, videos, and more)

  • a community of like-minded, like-hearted professionals committed to making a difference

  • an Innerlight Method process journal that creates a daily reflective process of:
    • taking personal inventory 
    • capturing new ideas and experiments for improving environments and experiences for their population
    • tracking evidence of transformation


The result?

Fully embodied learning and profound results!



Customized Programs To Meet Your Needs


The Innerlight Method is adaptable to helping professionals in the following industries:


  • Child-Serving Professionals | Teachers, Therapists, Social Workers
  • Client-Serving Biz Professionals | CEOs, Managers, Employees
  • Law Enforcement & Emergency Responders | Police, Paramedic, Firemen
  • General Caring Professionals | Doctors, Therapists, Coaches, Ministers
  • Caregivers and Parents

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