Helping Families Heal the Effects of Trauma and Toxic Stress

As my work with the Innerlight Method has evolved over the past ten years, I have come to realize that many of the empathic, intuitive and highly sensitive people I work with have experienced some type of life shock. These can come in the form of a difficult birth, accident, chronic illness or a traumatic childhood experience. Much of my work as an energy therapist has revolved around helping these clients restore balance in the autonomic nervous system in order to activate a healing response, move blocked energy and reintegrate consciousness in the body. In an ideal case, this work leads to measurable improvements in mood, learning and behavior.

Many people erroneously believe that trauma, abuse and neglect only occur in low-income communities. My client base has shown me that families of every ethnicity, socio-economic background and spiritual tradition struggle with life shocks and chronic toxic stress that can negatively impact child development and family life. One by one, I have done my best to support every family that comes to me to design a life that is energetically nourishing to each member, so the family can thrive as a unit. This is a legacy of which I’m very proud.

I continue to be contacted daily by well-meaning, loving parents who are stretched beyond their capacity to support children with autism, ADHD or other challenges. I have worked with couples who value their marriages, but are being pulled apart by the demands of raising children and working multiple jobs. As the Innerlight Method expands in scope and reach, I recognize that our impact must go beyond private sessions with individual clients to support parents in larger groups so that more families can experience the benefits of this work. To respond to this call for family support, I have decided to revive a group coaching program I developed a few years ago called The 5 Point Bliss Plan.

The goal of The 5 Point Bliss Plan is to help families achieve a sense of balance, freedom and inner peace by assessing the needs of each family member (and the family as a unit) in five key areas: nourishing environment, optimal wellness, gratifying intimacy, flourishing vocation and transformative spirituality. Parents are supported in their effort to bring balance to family life in each of these bliss points, beginning with the area where the majority of family members need the most attention. Through group coaching, a supportive private Facebook community and weekly group energy balancing sessions, participants will work together to reimagine and redesign family life, one that is free from the damaging effects of trauma, toxic stress and hopelessness. Together, we will create a plan for achieving bliss and harmony in family life and hold one another accountable for executing the plan over 8 weeks. Parents will also be taught simple energy balancing techniques they can practice with their children at home.

By using the Zoom video conference platform, participants can join this program from anywhere in the world and participate from home. Those who have completed my Innerlight Method training courses report that the Zoom platform delivers the same impact as working in-person for deep transformational work. I truly believe this is the ideal use of technology to help bring parents together while respecting the time constraints of busy families. I’m also very excited to work with families who follow my work from around the country.

I dream of families living free from the damaging effects of toxic stress and trauma. I dream of a world where families with highly sensitive children not only survive, but thrive in every area of life. If you share this dream, I invite you to consider joining me on this journey to bliss!

See you on April 28th!

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  1. Tennilke on April 5, 2018 at 1:44 am


    Can you give me information on the first day of the series on 4/28. It mentioned this day as an immersion. Will participants connect on zoom for the full day? What are the expectations for participants on that initial day?
    It sounds like a great series.

    • innerlightadmin on April 5, 2018 at 1:33 pm

      Hi There,

      Yes the Immersion Day will be a full day (with lunch breaks, etc.) and fully virtual at this time. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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