Donna Martley, Level III


Training Facilitator/Mentor



"Originally, I decided to become an Innerlight Method practitioner after I saw the impact of  the work on my own daughter and I decided that I wanted to learn how to witness for her and the rest of my family. Over time, I realized how powerful this work was not only for me, but the potential it had for others. I especially recognized the potential IM has as a tool for other parents and that's when I realized I wanted to learn how to witness and teach the Innerlight Method to parents like myself who were interested in using IM to help their children meet the unique challenges of living in the present time.

IM has changed my life in every way: from my own perception of my potential to my physical health; from increasing and connecting to my own intuition to developing a capacity for holding space, all while living in a "now" environment, enabling me to be present, aware and conscious in each moment.

I have spent the last decade advocating for children from a parent role in my own school district. I naturally started as an advocate for my own children, so it was a natural step to start advocating for other children/students, based on my experiences (and frustrations) as a parent whose child didn't fit the "standards" set by the school district.

My IM practice involves working with teens and adults who experience anxiety, addictive behaviors and stress-related issues. A good portion of my practice revolves around parents and helping them increase their own capacity to look within so they can be more present and effective in relating to their own children and families. I offer remote sessions either by Zoom or telephone.

I have found in the last few years of working with Dr. Niki that is all comes back to us as individuals. The focus needs to start from self before we can go out and help other people, but the potential for personal growth is limitless. I believe that one simple message underlies my Innerlight Practice."

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