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You know they’re coming to your event to be empowered. While they are committed to contributing their best to those they serve, they are also tired, depleted, struggling to keep up with the demands of work, home, and the big changes occuring in the community and nation at large.

Enter Dr. Niki Elliott.

Almost instantly, the exhausted faces light up with possibility as they lean forward in their seats, soaking up every word and insight. Throughout the presentation, they laugh, tear up, take notes, clap, and smile at the colleagues in their row.

Someone finally has the answers they’ve been seeking!

Quickly, their innerlights expand from tired flickers to bright flames of hope and determination.

When it ends, they walk out glowing, eager to implement the insights and tools Dr. Niki shared.




Dr. Niki Elliott custom-designs keynotes, trainings, and workshops for educators and other helping professionals on the following topics:

  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Self-Care for Empaths and Highly-Sensitive People
  • Social-Emotional Wellness
  • Holistic Life Transformation

Her background as both an Ivy-League trained intellectual researcher and intuitive spiritual seeker makes her uniquely able to create conceptual and practical bridges between science and spirituality, intellect and intuition, and sacred and secular.

Dr. Niki’s mission, with every audience, is to approach these important but often polarizing conversations, and make them both non-dogmatic and accessible to those whose true desire is to live a fully integrated life. Her dream is to show the world that when we focus on the light within and take responsibility for our well-being, it is easier for us to embrace all paths and orientations to living.

Her style is inspiring and engaging, full of powerful personal stories that helping professionals immediately relate to, along with timely insights designed to spark change in the minds and hearts of diverse audiences.

Finally, and most importantly, Dr. Niki’s down-to-earth energy and interactive approach work together to ensure that audiences walk away with practical takeaways and next-day action strategies to help them thrive from the innerlight-out.

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