Welcome to The Innerlight Method™

Mindfulness-based wellness tools designed to support the well-being and effectiveness of helping professionals, especially teachers, support services, and their students (preK - 16).

The Innerlight Method™ was developed by Niki Elliott, PhD, author speaker, and pioneer in the fields of education, intuition development and energy medicine.

Our certified Innerlight practitioners provide skilled, caring energy balancing sessions. All of our practitioners are meticulously trained in The Innerlight Method™.

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Join Dr. Niki Elliott to learn mindfulness-based wellness tools designed to support your well-being and effectiveness as you catalyze and create change in the world.


In-Person Intro Day: January 6, 2019

(Complimentary Intro Day is 2pm - 5pm,
Group Energy Balancing from 5:30 pm - 7 pm)


Virtual Intro Day: February 2, 2019

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Watch Dr. Niki's powerful keynote speech, delivered at the 45th Annual Pasadena Mayor’s Interfaith Prayer Breakfast. She issued an inspiring call to action, urging professionals and caregivers to utilize mindfulness practices as an intervention for children who have been exposed to trauma and toxic stress. Dr. Niki advocates for healing-centered engagement as we care for Other People's Children. #Down4OPC

Are you someone who absorbs other people's physical or emotional pain?

The Power of The Innerlight Method™

“As an energetically sensitive and intuitive woman, this work allows me to interact with the world and others in a more balanced and healthy way. My clients have reported many benefits including more comfort in group settings, and the benefits for me include more ease in maintaining healthy energetic boundaries in triggering environments, improved familial relationships, and overall feeling of empowerment, peace, and freedom.”

~ Victoria Tilford

“The Innerlight Method has changed my life in every way, from my own perception of my potential to my physical health. From increasing and connecting to my own intuition to developing a capacity for holding space, I have learned how to live in a “now” environment, enabling me to be present, aware and conscious in each moment.”

~ Donna Martley

“Two years after Innerlight saved my life, I became a practitioner, so that I could keep myself balanced and bring this work to my clients to support their healing and transformation. The results have been astounding. I am facilitating deeper work, yet my physical and mental health remain uncompromised; and my clients are moving faster than I could have imagined possible. Plus, I have more than enough energy to enjoy my loved ones and more activities. I am thriving from the innerlight-out!"

~ Amanda Johnson